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As CAC skyrockets, brands need to boost LTV by generating more repurchases and higher AOV.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to optimize your Klaviyo email/SMS segmentation and unlock new revenue potential.

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“Aument has transformed our email/SMS marketing strategy. We saw a 32% increase in incremental revenue within weeks!”

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“The AI-driven segments provided by Aument have significantly improved our targeting and customer engagement.”

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Finding the right segments has never been easier

✅ Up to $10,000 in extra generated revenue
✅ For stores doing up to 3,000 orders per month (based on total shop orders)
✅ Slack channel Support

We are performance marketers and data engineers with +15 years in the DTC and CPG ecosystem. 

We are leveraging AI and machine learning techniques to help brands optimize their marketing campaigns.