Aument vs Klaviyo

Which marketing app is right for your Shopify store:
Klaviyo or Aument?

You’re comparing marketing automation providers for your store. We want to make this decision as easy as possible for you. So, transparently, here’s how we line up!

By the numbers:


A comparable Aument plan with unlimited contacts is US$45.


Klaviyo’s email plan costs
US$200 for 10,000 contacts

NB: Similar metrics apply as you scale sending up or down.

What stands out when comparing Aument with Klaviyo?

Email + SMS x3

Aument’s multi-touch abandoned cart recovery emails can integrate SMS in any country.

Easy, editable templates

Aument offers the easiest and most customizable email templating.

Side-by-side comparison

We’ve broken it down into features included in the above cost.

Why choose Aument over alternatives?

  • Because your store is attracting attention, but needs automations to hold onto those shoppers.
  • There are sales opportunities you don’t even know about, and Aument detects them for you.
  • Our data-driven templates are the easiest to edit and personalize, but they can generate sales for you just as they are, if you’re strapped for time.

Let’s talk it through!

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